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Qualitative Experience

The majority of my work has been qualitative. The following examples give some highlights of various projects.

The majority of my work has been qualitative analysis - the following are a few key examples.

Studying Social Reading in Different Contexts


We're shaped by what we read - and almost as much by who we read it with. Are there differences between reading the same kind of book in a non-religious setting and reading it in a religious setting?


Compared book groups organized through churches and synagogues to book groups organized through non-religious institutions, by participating in seven book groups over nine months and interviewing over 50 members.

Used grounded theory principles to develop codes for analyzing the data. Coded interviews and field notes to discern emerging themes about influence, gender, resonating with a text, and definitions of religion.


Designed and carried out all research.

Secured funding from the Fichter Research Grant at the Association for the Sociology of Religion.

Analyzed all data using Max-QDA

Reported findings in my dissertation; defended and presented research at conferences.


Research design

Recruiting participants (groups and individuals)

Interviewing / Ethnography

Qualitative Data Analysis (Max-QDA, using grounded theory principles)

Writing / Presenting (long form and short articles)

Assessing Opportunities for Rare Disease Treatments


A pharmaceutical company wanted to know what the unmet needs of patients and physicians were for a rare neuromuscular disease, so they could determine next steps in directing their research. 


12 in-depth telephone interviews with 6 patients and 6 neurologists. Patient interviews focused on the emotional landscape from diagnosis to treatment to present-day, and neurologist issues focused on treatment difficulties and obstacles.


Managed field and assisted with drafting screeners for a small target population.

Drafted six "patient profiles" that summarized the patient journeys from each respondent

Collaborated on the final report, emphasizing the Patient Journey through symptoms to diagnosis to treatment. 


Field management

Profile and patient journey development

Report drafting