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I have presented my research in formal and informal settings, to expert and novice audiences.



I've presented to a wide variety of audiences, with different levels of expertise and interest - here are a few examples.

November 2016 - Fulcrum Research Group Lunch and Learn, "Fantastic KOLs and Where to Find Them"

As part of a skills-sharing program at Fulcrum, I wrote up the process for identifying, contacting, and recruiting Key Opinion Leaders and presented it in PowerPoint form.

April 2016 - New England/Maritimes American Academy of Religion, "Prose Gods, Critical Readers, and Contagious Fictions"

I presented this paper at the NEMAAR conference as a summary of some of the findings from my informal reading blog, Prose Gods.

Spring 2015 - MassArt Freshman Seminar, "Religion in the American Public Square"

Freshman Seminars are weekly three-hour courses intended to develop critical thinking and presentation skills. I split class between a 60-minute quasi-lecture and a set of activities and discussions for the week's topics. I'm most proud of the lectures on reductionist models of religion - crash courses in Freud and Marx - that consistently engaged students. 

October 2014 - Ways of Knowing Graduate Conference on Religion at Harvard Divinity School, "Unknowable Influence: Sacred Text, Novels, and Reader Response"

This paper came out of my dissertation research and summarized my findings on how (and if) reading changes us, especially in our religious lives.