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Recruiting and Fielding

I have recruited participants for my own projects, and used vendors to reach a broad range of qualified respondents in market research.

For my own projects and for Key Opinion Leader (KOL) research, I've recruited and screened participants myself. For non-KOL market research, I've worked with vendors who provide their own panels.

Message Testing for a Rare Cancer Treatment


A pharmaceutical company wanted to compare messages about a potential new cancer treatment


Face-to-face and telephone interviews, using screenshare programs to display and rate messages

Recruitment for over 50 oncologists with subquotas for particular specialties, plus high-touch recruitment for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)


For Key Opinion Leaders, I helped identify potential candidates globally, then contacted a subset individually to maximize personal and attentive touch.

For all other respondents, I worked closely with a vendor to ensure they were screened appropriately, scheduled carefully, and prepared for each interview.


Composing sensitive personal correspondence with KOLs

Field management / vendor correspondence

Qualitative analysis

Report drafting

Studying Social Reading in Different Contexts


We're shaped by what we read - and almost as much by who we read it with. Are there differences between reading the same kind of book in a non-religious setting and reading it in a religious setting?


Compared book groups organized through churches and synagogues to book groups organized through non-religious institutions, by participating in seven book groups over nine months and interviewing over 50 members


Designed and carried out all research

Identified candidates, contacted groups, and recruited individuals for interviews

Secured funding from the Fichter Research Grant at the Association for the Sociology of Religion

Reported findings in my dissertation; defended and presented research at conferences.


Research design

Recruiting participants (groups and individuals)

Interviewing / Ethnography

Writing / Presenting (long form and short articles)