Researcher moving into UX


I'm an academically trained qualitative researcher shifting into UX research. I collect stories and put them to use in improving user experiences, both in design research and usability testing.

My Readers and Texts blog is an informal discussion of my transition into UX work and provides a less polished, more personal look at my process.


I am a UX novice, a healthcare market researcher, a religion scholar, and an insatiable reader. I love the creativity and inventiveness that we bring to our texts, whether it's critiquing a drug's detail aid, inventing a religion based on a SF novel, justifying a position based on a sacred text, or finding a work-around for a difficult website. 

I'm a Hoosier from Portland, Indiana, but after twenty years living in the Greater Boston area I count myself as Bostonian as well. I write informally online at Prose Gods and have a "to read next" list that's longer than I'd like to admit.  I live in Waltham with my spouse and two kids.


Interested in my work? Want to talk more about the intersection of UX and my other fields?

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